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Announcements : Marquette Global on Tumblr

Announcement: Marquette Global on Tumblr

Hear from real student's about their experiences studying abroad on the Marquette Global Tumblr blog.
The Marquette University Office of International Education is proud to present the university’s official study abroad blog, featuring students studying around the world. As the semesters unfold, our Global Correspondents will keep us updated on all of their global adventures. From new people to new cultures to new cuisines, all elements of the student study abroad experience will be covered.

We hope that Marquette Global’s study abroad blog can serve as a resource not only for the Marquette community, but also for students planning to study abroad during their college career. It will provide a glimpse into the study abroad experience. Each semester, we will have the opportunity to live vicariously through the overseas experiences of ten Global Correspondents.

Read about student adventures abroad here: