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Arts & Sciences

Arts & Sciences Majors

Klingler College of Arts and Sciences students can enhance their degree by taking major courses on Marquette programs through partnerships with prestigious universities around the world. Below, we've highlighted study abroad programs as they align with specific MU majors, focusing on programs offering an entire major, an emphasis, or a significant number of courses in each academic field. There are other international opportunities available for A & S students such as taking UCCS (core) courses, summer study, language study, or participating on a faculty-led program.

Anthropology (more coming soon!)


  • EGE Rabat
  • EGE Rabat (summer)
  • University of Jordan
  • University of Jordan (summer)

Biological Sciences

Chemistry (more coming soon)



Computer Science (more coming soon)

Criminology & Law Studies


English & Writing Intensive English (more coming soon)



History (more coming soon!)

International Affairs (more coming soon)

Italian (coming soon)

Mathematics (more coming soon)

Philosophy (more coming soon)

Physics (more coming soon)

Political Science (more coming soon!)


Social Welfare and Justice (more coming soon)

Sociology (more coming soon)

Spanish (more coming soon)

Statistics (coming soon)

Theology (more coming soon)