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Programs by Major

Study Abroad for your Major

This "Programs by Major" area is part of the larger Study Abroad Curricular Integration (CI) project and will showcase the academic alignment of specific study abroad programs relative to Marquette departments and majors.

By clicking on an academic college on the left navigation bar, you'll be directed to education abroad programs which offer courses (i.e. a major, an emphasis, or significant area course offerings) in that same academic area.

CI is a collaborative initiative between Marquette academic colleges, departments, and the Office of International Education (OIE). The goal of this CI project is to fully integrate study abroad programs (i.e. academic, internships and research, and international service learning) into the Marquette four-year experience. This includes "course mapping" of MU degree program curriculum with strategic study abroad programs. 

If your department is interested in integrating your curriculum with study abroad, please contact