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Matteo Ricci Global Scholar Program

Who is Matteo Ricci?
Matteo Ricci, S.J. embodied the values of a global scholar through his service as an Italian Jesuit missionary to China from 1582-1610. By learning the local language and culture, he built significant mutually beneficial relationships. He became a scholar in the Confucian tradition and advisor to the emperor. By expanding his knowledge of China, Ricci helped expand China’s knowledge of the world. This was exemplified by creating the first Chinese dictionary in a European language. Ricci’s ability to bridge Chinese and Western cultures demonstrates the vital intercultural competencies necessary to work across differences. Today he serves as a model for cross-cultural understanding and his life exemplifies the men and women for others ethos.

About the Program:
This interdisciplinary, experiential and evidence-based educational badge appears on your official transcript. The program cultivates global perspectives and demonstrates your intercultural competencies and key global workforce skills to future employers. 

Program Components:
You will need to complete the following components to be awarded the Matteo Ricci Global Scholar Educational Badge:
  • ECON 1103 - Principles of Microeconomics (Must enroll in Section 103-LEC; 3 credits - fulfills core requirement). Econ, IB and INIA majors may take Econ 4040 - International Economic Issues (3 credits) to satisfy this requirement
  • POSC 2601 - International Politics (3 credits)
  • Language proficiency through the 2002 level or equivalent
  • Study abroad experience in any location (minimum of 12-18 credits completed abroad or 16-week program duration)
  • Experiential learning requirement. This can be fulfilled through service-learning, community service, an internship or participation in a cultural student organization.
  • E-portfolio for reflections and integration of learning outcomes demonstrating intercultural competence
The experiential learning requirement for the Matteo Ricci Global Scholar program consists of participation in a service learning or internship opportunity while enrolled in one of the Marquette University courses below. Additional requirements include:
· The experience must be pre-approved;
· The experience can be local with an international focus, or completed internationally;
· The experience must be at least 10 – 15 hours per week;
· Any international experience must be completed in conjunction with Marquette course MARQ 2930 which will be offered in Spring 2019
. Previously taken course embedded internships, service learning or volunteer experiences may be used to fulfill this requirement as long as they have an international focus (the Matteo Ricci Global Scholar coordinator and faculty member will provide evaluation)

Apply: Must submit a complete application by March 1, 2019 to be eligible for Matteo Ricci microcredential: