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Staff : Wyatt Meyer

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Wyatt Meyer

Australian Catholic University

Study Abroad Program Ambassadors

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Why did you choose your program?

Once I had narrowed my sights on studying in Australia (a place which I had dreamed to visit since I was a little kid), I finally decided to attend ACU-Brisbane for the fall semester in 2015.  This location offered an internship opportunity that I likely would not have received had I simply studied at Marquette for four years.  The location was also an ideal spot for traveling to the Great Barrier Reef (the closest campus to it that Marquette is partnered with) and New Zealand.  Plus it was just situated centrally on the eastern coast, close enough to the equator to be awesome weather all year round (60s and sunny in the winter).  The course selection was somewhat limited in Brisbane in comparison to the other ACU campuses, but the internship really sold me, and in retrospect, that aspect of my experience was perhaps the most impactful, so I am incredibly happy with my decision.