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Code Host School Course Title Host School Credit Hours MU Equivalent Course Code and Title MU Credit Hours Approved By
A Descent into Hell: Virtues and Vices in Renaissance Italian Literature from Dante to Machiavelli 0.00     Italian 
IB/CM 320
A Fashion Brand: From Line Creation to Market Placement 0.00     Advertising & PR 
A Mafia Story: Its Representation in Literature, Cinema, and Television 0.00     Italian 
Absolute Beginners / Elementary / Beginners 0.00     Italian 
ITLC 400
Advanced Italian Language 0.00     Italian 
PS/SO 300
Are People the Same in the East and West? Cultural Differences in Social Psychological Processes 0.00     Psychology 
CM/MK 310
Asset & Appeal of the Value "Environment" 0.00     Communication 
IB/PL 300
Business Ethics 0.00     Philosophy 
IC/EC 320
Business, Government, and the Global Economy 0.00     Economics 
PLTH 300
Citizenship and Religion in a multicultural society 0.00     Philosophy 
Creative Italian Storytelling: from Literature to Cinema to other Forms of Fiction 0.00     Italian 
PS/SP 300
Cultural Differences in Social Psychological Processes 0.00     Psychology 
CM/SO 320
Digital Journalism & Digital Media in Italy 0.00     Communication 
LT/AR 316
Dramaturgy: Written to be Spoken 0.00     Theatre Arts 
Filosofia Etica 0.00     Arts & Sciences 
Filosofia Morale 0.00     Philosophy 
CM/PS 300
From Strategy to Effective Presentations: Methodologies for Engaging Com 0.00     Communication 
ITLC 225
Intermediate Italian Language 0.00     Italian 
IR/PO 321
International Relations and the Middle East: a Comparative European Perspective 0.00     Political Science 
Italian Cuisine and Language Course Lab- 0.00     Italian 
Italian Cuisine, History and Cooking Lab 0.00     Italian 
EN 285
Literature and Creative Writing: How to Read Like a Writer 0.00     English 
ITLC 210
Lower Intermediate Italian Language 0.00     Foreign Language 
Methods of Illusion: La Mise-en-sc?ne from Drama to Fiction and Visual Arts 0.00     Italian 
CM/MK 300
New Frontiers in Brand Comm & Consumer Engagement 0.00     Advertising & PR 
ITLC 175
Pre-Intermediate Italian Language 0.00     Italian 
CM/SO 350
Publishing, Publicity & Cultural Journalism 0.00     Communication 
SO/CU 300
Reading Milan and Italian Cities: Place-Making and Cultural Resources 0.00     Italian 
LLD 775
Spanish Language 3 (Language and Professional Communication) 0.00     Spanish 
Spanish Language 3-Language and Professional Communication 0.00     Spanish 
CM/SO 300
Television, Advertising, Music: The Italian Approach to the Media 0.00     Communication 
LT/AR 330
The "Snow Whites" vs the "Cookie Lyons"... 0.00     Italian 
The Discovery of Italy though its Culinary Traditions 0.00     Italian 
EC/PO 312
The Economics of European Integration 0.00     Economics 
IR/PO 322
The European Union: A Superpower in the Making? 0.00     Political Science 
CM 300
The Fashion Market 0.00     Advertising & PR 
CM 300
The Fashion Market 0.00     Communication 
ITLC 325
Upper Intermediate Italian Language 0.00     Italian 
AR 350
What is Design? 0.00     Advertising & PR 
LT/AR 301
Writers & Painters, Words & Colours: Italy and the Arts 0.00     Italian