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You searched for courses(active) applicable to the program, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile.
Code Host School Course Title Host School Credit Hours MU Equivalent Course Code and Title MU Credit Hours Approved By
IHA 0010
American Anthropology 0.00     Anthropology 
ICP 0339
Borders in Latin America: Globalization and Spatial Restructuring 0.00     Political Science 
IB/PL 300
Business Ethics 0.00     Philosophy 
Caminar en el Espiritu 0.00     Theology 
IHI 0211
Chile and Latin America's Indigenous History 0.00     History 
IH 1005
Chilean and Hispanic American Narrative 0.00     Spanish 
ESO 2772
Cine Latinoamericano y Contemporaneo 0.00     Spanish 
Cine y Literatura Latinoamericana 0.00     Spanish 
PLTH 300
Citizen and Religion in a Multicultural Society 0.00     Philosophy 
IHI 0214
Contemporary Chilean History 0.00     History 
TTF 046
Contributions of Saint Alberto Hurado to Christian Social Ethics 0.00     Theology 
Creer o No Creer 0.00     Theology 
PS/SP 300
Cultural Differences in Social Psychological Processes 0.00     Psychology 
IHI 0203
Early Modern History 0.00     History 
Ecologia y Teologia 0.00     Theology 
Espanol Nivel Avanzado: Grammatica... 0.00     Spansih 
FIL 184
Ethics 0.00     Ethics 
LET 1027
Historia de la Lengua Espanola 0.00     Spanish 
IHI 2323
History of Gender in Chile 0.00     History 
Introduccion a la Traduccion de Textos Literarios 0.00     Spanish 
Introduccion a los Estudios Literarios 0.00     Spanish 
ICP 0324
Introduction to Global Environmental Policy 0.00     Political Science 
Introduction to Philosophy 0.00     Philosophy 
Lectura Teologia del Problema Etico de la Civilazcion Tecnologia 0.00     Theology 
Literary Theory 1 0.00     English 
Logic 0.00     Philosophy 
Modernity and Revolution in Latin America 0.00     Political Science 
IH 12514
Musica Popular en Latin America 0.00     Spanish 
Narrative Chilena Reciente y Posmodernidad 0.00     Spanish 
ICP 1023
Parties, Elections, and Democracy in Contemporary Chile 0.00     Anthropology 
Philosophical Anthropology 0.00     Philosophy 
GEO 0403
Population and Territory 0.00     Antrhopology 
ICP 0131
Populism in Latin America: Theory and Praxis 0.00     Political Science 
Semester Spanish Course: Upper Level 0.00     Spanish 
IHI 2370
Seminario de Cultura Chilena 0.00     Spanish 
ICP 0109
Seminario: America Latina, Siglo XX 0.00     Spanish 
Social Philosophy 0.00     Philosophy 
Spanish for Foreigners 0.00     Spanish 
ICP 0603
Women and Politics in Latin America 0.00     Political Science