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Code Host School Course Title Host School Credit Hours MU Equivalent Course Code and Title MU Credit Hours Approved By
SOCI 9290
Classical Social Theory 0.00     Sociology 
Contemporary Genre Fiction 0.00     English 
SG 2028
Contermporary Social Theory 0.00     Sociology 
IP 1033
Cultural Political Economy 0.00     Political Science 
JO 2204
Data Journalism 0.00     Journalism 
IP 1019
Emerging Powers in a Changing World 0.00     Political Science 
SG 1018
Exploring London 0.00     Sociology 
Gender, Crime, and Justice 0.00     Sociology 
PS 3012
Health Psychology 0.00     Psychology 
LA 2018
Historic London 0.00     History 
Lifespan Psychology 0.00     Psychology 
SL 1003
Lifespan Studies 0.00     Psychology 
SG 2016
New Media Challenges 0.00     Sociology 
LA 2017
Performing Arts in London 0.00     Theatre Arts 
IP 3034
Political Economy of Global Inequality 0.00     Political Science 
JO 2203
Political Scandals and the British Media 0.00     Journalism 
IP 3003
Politics of Britian 0.00     Political Science 
MU 2999
Popular Music in Britian 0.00     Communication 
JO 2202
Power Without Responsibility 0.00     Communication 
IP 1022
Principles of Economics II: Countries and Systems 0.00     Economics 
Reading London 0.00     English 
IP 2025
Security Studies: Contemporary and Emerging Issues 0.00     Political Science 
SG 2030
Sociology of Race and Racism 0.00     Sociology 
IP 3021
The Global Political Economy of Development 0.00     Political Science 
IP 1031
The Puzzles of Comparative Politics 0.00     Political Science 
SOCI 9390
Understanding Social Change 0.00     Sociology 
JO 2350
Visual Journalism 0.00     Journalism