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Programs : Budget Sheet

The following listing represents the Summer Budget Sheet for John Cabot University (Summer).

Summer Budget Sheet for John Cabot University (Summer)
Summer Budget Sheet for John Cabot University (Summer)
Budget Item MU Undergraduate Study Abroad Program Costs
GeoBlue International Health Insurance *   $76.00
Billable subtotal:  $76.00
Host Program Tuition   $3,000.00
Room and Board   $1,845.00
Airfare   $1,500.00
Meals   $250.00
Books   $100.00
Passport/Visa   $135.00
Transportation   $125.00
Other   $750.00
Non-billable subtotal:  $7,705.00
Total: $7,781.00
The above are the breakdown of the John Cabot University (Summer) 1 Class, 1 Session Program (3 credits).
John Cabot University (Summer) 2 Classes, 1 Session Program (6 credits):
Tuition: $4,575
GeoBlue International Health Insurance: $76
Room and Board: $1,845
Meals: $250
Books: $100
Airfare: $1,500
Passport/Visa: $135
Transportation: $125
Other: $750
Total: $9,356

Understanding the Program Budget

Line items on the budget sheet are sorted into two sections: 
  • Billable: Are expenses are charges applied to your Marquette University (MU) student account.
  • Non-billable: In addition to the program costs paid to MU, you will have expenses associated with study abroad program. These are estimated out of pocket expenses you pay yourself. The amounts are estimated costs based on current exchange rates and on the information provided to us by the host institution. Depending on your personal spending habits, you may spend more or less than the figures provided. 
All costs are subject to change without notice.


Not all programs will require a deposit.  If a deposit is required, it is non-refundable and must be paid by the established deadline. See your program application for more details.  John Cabot University study abroad program as of Summer 2018 does not require a deposit for this program by Marquette University. Your host institution or provider may require a deposit or confirmation (commitment) fees, this will vary by program.

Withdrawal Penalties

Withdrawal from a program after acceptance will not guarantee a full refund of tuition or program fees. Refunds for fees paid or owed to Marquette University will be based on expenses the Office of International Education is able to recover on the student’s behalf. The student will be responsible for unrecoverable expenses and pre-paid expenses made on their behalf.  Refunds for costs paid to external entities are subject to the external entity's withdrawal policies. 

John Cabot University study abroad program as of Spring 2018 stipulates the following regarding withdrawing after committing with John Cabot University per the John  Cabot University website .  "Tuition: Any student who officially withdraws from the University, for any reason, by the end of the second week of classes is entitled to a full tuition refund (except for the Tuition Deposit and the Student Activity Fee, which are non-refundable). See schedule on John Cabot Universities website. After the Add-Drop period there is no refund.  Paid Housing Costs (less the non-refundable $ 1,000 Housing Deposit) may be fully refunded when written notification of withdrawal from the Housing Program is received BEFORE the payment deadline corresponding to the term for which housing was requested, as indicated on the Housing Request Form. After that date, and before occupying the accommodations, Housing Costs (less the non-refundable Housing Deposit) may be refunded 50%. After the housing unit has been occupied, no refund is possible.  The Housing Deposit is non-refundable in any case." For more information please visit John Cabot Universities website.

Financial Aid

Don't let sticker shock get in the way of your chance to study abroad. With financial aid, good budgeting and a little saving, study abroad can be very affordable.  Visit the MU’s Study Abroad Financial Aid Overview website for more information.


There are a variety of scholarships available for study abroad students. Many scholarships target specific regions or students with a particular academic focus.  Visit the MU’s Study Abroad Scholarship website for more information.

The costs listed on this screen are subject to change and MU reserves the right to adjust fees at any time.
* Billable item